Is It Cheaper to Buy a Home in Winter?

Did you know that when looking to find your next home, buying it in the winter season is ideal because you could get a really great deal? But for many people, cold winter weather puts house-hunting plans on hold. However, could waiting for flowers to bloom and backyard pools to open hinder you from finding your dream home at a great price? Well, it might!

Here are three reasons why it’s cheaper to buy a home in winter:

Motivated and Adaptive Sellers

Anyone listing in the months of October through January really wants to sell their home – that’s because they’re listing even in off-peak season and could be pretty desperate to sell. And since fewer buyers want to buy a home during this time, these sellers are typically more lenient and adaptive in their original listing price, along with agreeing to extras you may ask for. In fact, you can buy a home at an average of 0.51% less when you buy during winter!

Less Competition

Most people don’t want to go and view properties during the nose-bitingly cold weather. As such, the chance of running into multiple property offers on one house is less, making your offer more attractive to the seller. And if fewer people are interested in a house, that means there’ll be more space for negotiations. Besides, low competition also means that you can take your time and won’t be rushed to make an offer immediately.

Lower Closing Costs

When buying a home, you’ll need it appraised, inspected, title-searched, and repaired before buying. Unfortunately, appraisers, inspectors, title companies, and contractors can be very challenging and expensive to find in the summer months. But during the winter seasons, these service providers’ workload is lower and you can easily negotiate a better price with them for their services when buying a home in the winter.

Buy Your Home in Winter!

You can find an ideal home in winter at a great price! Get in touch with our team of real estate professionals, and let us help you find your dream home in Grande Prairie!