How to Choose the Best Neighborhood to Live in Grande Prairie

When buying a home, you’ll more likely be excited about finding a new place and getting to decorate or buy new furniture. Ultimately, you’ll want to do your research to identify the best home to fit your needs. But you’ll also need to decide whether your new neighborhood will suit your needs and lifestyle.

That said, here’s how to choose the best neighborhood in Grande Prairie!

Safety and Crime Statistics

Of course, you want you and your family to live in a safe neighborhood. Besides, crime rates can affect your home value and insurance, so they’re an essential aspect to consider. So, research safety and crime rates in your chosen neighborhood. You can find information online or contact the neighborhood’s local police department. You could also drive through the area and note places with lots of vandalism or graffiti. And while you’re at it, see if homes in the neighborhood have crime deterrents like bars on windows, high fences, or “beware of dogs” signs.

Good Schools

A good local school district (with excellent test scores and extracurricular activities) is a sign of a desirable neighborhood. If you have school-aged kids, consider how long it’ll take them to get to school. Can they walk, or will they have to take public transportation? Is the trip to school safe? How long does it take to drive to the school? Also, note that good schools can help maintain and boost your home’s resale value, so it’s a crucial aspect to consider even if you don’t have school-going kids.

Community Parks and Walking Paths

A good neighborhood has good parks, paths, trails, and well-maintained sidewalks and playgrounds. So, even if you’re searching for a home during the winter, it’s vital to check out the outdoor amenities an area has to offer. You might want to consider walking around or taking a drive and check for amenities, such as:

  • Sidewalks: While this might not be a deal breaker, sidewalks typically make a neighborhood more pedestrian friendly, instead of walking or biking on the street, where cars are driving, you have the safety of a sidewalk.
  • Parks: Does the neighborhood have a park within a walking distance? Or is it a short drive away? What amenities does the park have? If the park isn’t something you’d visit, it may deter you from buying a home in that neighborhood.
  • Walking Trails: Maybe you like taking your dog for a walk every morning before going to work or you enjoy a family stroll in the evening. Look around for nearby walking trails or find a city trail map.

Other Amenities

When looking for the best neighborhood, here are amenities to look out for:       

  • Shopping, Restaurant, and Entertainment: Take note of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants nearby. Consider how far the grocery and retail store(s) are from your neighborhood and whether there are any coffee shops and restaurants nearby you could see yourself enjoying.
  • Medical Facilities: Whether you require medical attention regularly or not, quality medical facilities are a vital aspect to look for in a neighborhood. So, find out which medical facilities are nearby and their reputations.        
  • Commuting Time: Also, consider your commute from the potential neighborhood. Not just your commute to work but also to the above-mentioned amenities. A quick search can inform you what to expect for the commute to any regularly visited locations. While at it, find out if there is public transportation available as an alternative to driving. During peak hours, how often does the transit stop? And if you need access to the airport, how far is the drive?

Future Development

Future development information can be found at the City hall. These developments can change a neighborhood, increase traffic, and hike taxes. It’s a wise idea to investigate the future potential of an area then decide if the outlook will be suitable for you and your family.

Find the Best Neighborhood in Grande Prairie!

Before buying the perfect home for you and your family, it’s wise to learn about the neighborhood. So, talk to a skilled real estate agent in Grande Prairie! We understand the area and the local housing market very well, and we’ll ensure you make the wisest decision for you and your family. Call us now, and let us help you find the best neighborhood in Grande Prairie!