5 Tips for Moving in Winter in Grande Prairie

Sure, winter itself is excellent, with its pure-white snow and festivities, but moving can be a complete nightmare! From bitter-cold temperatures to snow on the ground, moving during winter comes with its set of challenges. As such, you need to prepare appropriately.

To help you with that, here are five effective tips for moving in winter in Grande Prairie:

Start Packing in Advance

Don’t wait until relocation day to start packing your possessions. The sooner you start, the easier it’ll be for everyone involved. And when packing your belongings, ensure that you take special care to protect certain items from the cold. Breakable items, like glass and dishware, are usually susceptible to temperature changes and can break if the temperature shifts. As such, you should consider double-wrapping everything in thick blankets to help ease the transition from the warmth of the house to the cold of the container.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Be prepared for any kind of situation during your move by packing an emergency kit. You should pack items like candles, blankets, and flashlights in case of a power outage. Also, include toiletries, an extra pair of clothing, and a first aid kit.

Keep Winter Wear Close at Hand

Whether you’re hiring a moving company or moving possessions by yourself, you may still find yourself exposed to chilly temperatures over the course of the moving day. So, wear layers of warm clothing that you can take off easily when moving items from house to car and room to room. Also, ensure that you have warm gloves, including extra pairs for layering, if the cold or snow picks up. And if there’s a snow or sleet forecast for your moving day, pack a few changes of clothes and blankets in your first night kit.

Know the Weather Forecast

It can help to know whether the climate will be convenient on your moving date or if it’ll be too hectic. That way, you’ll have ample time to make the necessary changes and reschedule the moving date if needed. So, look at the forecast for the days and weeks leading up to your moving day and note any changes that are happening.

Hire Movers

Moving in winter is more challenging than in summer, so it’s best to hire professionals (if your budget allows) to load and unload your belongings. Professional movers have a lot more experience with winter moving than you do. So, they’ll be better equipped and skilled to deal with the challenges that come up.

Follow These Tips for Moving in Winter in Grande Prairie!

If you’re planning a move during the winter months, give us a call today, and – as real estate experts in Grande Prairie – let us offer you practical tips that’ll make your move easy and smooth!